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The Wheel Magazine (Newsprint version)

The Wheel is a full-colour magazine containing articles, patterns and projects for the fibre artist written by knowledgeable and inspirational spinners, weavers, dyers and felters from around the world. It is published annually. A glossy version is sent to members of the Ashford Club as soon as it is printed in October of each year. A newsprint version is available free of charge from your Ashford dealer.? ?You can find information about subscription and back issues here. The 2023 issue of The Wheel magazine (Issue 34) In this year?s issue there are inspiring projects and patterns for spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, and knitting, and articles about crafts folk from around the world. Articles include:
  • A World in a Wildflower, By Yunan Ma, United States
  • Inspired by your Surroundings, by Lea Williams, United Kingdom
  • Making a Tote Bag, by Maria Chiodo, Australia
  • Plant Textiles in the Time of Technology, by Meagan Condon, United States
  • Playing Possum Tactile Book for Children, by Marie Wills, Australia
  • Creativity on the Move, by Amanda Mclennan, Abu Dhabi?
  • A Journey of Recovery, by Caroline Coster, Bedford, United Kingdom
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