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Harmonique Fibre Arts Supply Inc. is the Canadian Wholesale distributor for Ashford Handicrafts of New Zealand,  makers of quality, reliable and durable wooden textile equipment

Latest News

Ashford Super Jumbo e-Spinner
We are excited to anounce the upcoming arrival of the new e-Spinner SUPER JUMBO!!  
New Ashford Hobby Bench
We are excited to announce the new and improved Ashford Hobby Bench.     Designed and crafted for comfortable weaving at your Ashford Rigid Heddle, Table or Jack Loom.  
Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom second heddle kit
We are excited to announce that all standard Ashford Rigid Heddle looms 40cm, 60cm, 80cm and 120cm (16", 24", 32" and 48") now come with the second heddle sideposts.    Having a second heddle allows you the flexibility to weave double width, double layer, double density fabrics.

New Products

Ashford Kiwi 3 Spinning wheel

Kiwi 3

Ashford's most popular and affordable spinning wheel is now better than ever.
The Kiwi 3 has folding treadles, veneered MDF wheel, three-speed whorl and a wooden threading hook!
Features include:
Ashford Complete Weaving Kit

The COMPLETE Weaving Kit!

The Ashford Complete Weaving Kit includes everything you need to start weaving.  Ideal for those who have an interest in trying out, taking up or just dabbling in weaving.

Affordable, easy, fun and really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Ashford Wavy Shuttles

Wavy Shuttles

Create interesting and decorative patterns by beating the weft into place with our wavy shuttles. 
The shuttles have different size waves on each side and have a smooth lacquered finish. 
These shuttles are available in 3 lengths:



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How to Buy

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