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Rigid Heddle Second Heddle Kit


Upgrade your Rigid Heddle loom for double heddle weaving! Buy another reed (identical to the one you have) and you will double your ends per inch. For example two 12.5dpi (50/10) reeds will give you an amazing 25 ends per inch (100/10)!
Comes standard with all new Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms.
  • Two support blocks
  • Instructions
  • Rigid heddle loom 40cm (16″)
  • Rigid heddle loom 60cm (24″)
  • Rigid heddle loom 80cm (32″)
  • Rigid heddle loom 120cm (48″)
Not compatible with Knitters Looms. Instead, try the Knitters Loom Second Heddle Kit
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