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Primary Colour Kit

Contains 3 primary colours – Red, Sapphire and Bright yellow to make all the colours of the rainbow. Dyes require white vinegar as the mordant and heat to set (microwave, stove-top or steam). To make the dye solution: dissolve 10gm dye powder in a little hot water. Once dissolved add enough cold water to bring the solution to 850mls. Add 150mls white vinegar. This makes a 1% dye solution that will dye 1kg of fibre, yarn or fabric. For detailed material safety data, full dye instructions, colour?recipes and advice?CLICK HERE. Colours may vary. Different fibresyarns do not always dye the same colour. Dyeing technique, mordants and water can cause variation. Monitors display colours differently. The dyes are safe and easy to use and comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. For more information go to Ashford’s consumer information page.
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