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New Vari Dent Reeds

March 14, 2016 -- cheryl
Vari Dent Reed

Vari Dent Reed

Now you can have complete creativity warping your rigid heddle and knitters looms! Include art yarn; warp thick, thin, and anything in-between yarns to create artistic scarves, shawls, and decorative homeware.

The Vari Dent Reed has been designed to fit the 40, 60, and 80cm (16, 24, and 32") Rigid Heddle Looms, and the 30, 50, and 70cm (12, 20, and 28") Knitters Looms, and the Sampleit Loom.

 The Vari Dent Reed kit includes a selection of 5 and 10cm (2 and 4") sections of 2.5, 5, 7.5,10, and 12.5dpi sections.Simply remove the top rail to change sections and have fun!




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