Traditional Spinning Wheel - Double Drive

Traditional Spinning Wheel - Double Drive

Traditional - Double Drive

The world’s most popular wheel with both double drive and scotch tension systems
- large 56cm (22ins) wheel
- robust
- versatile
- wide range of accessories

The same popular wheel as the scotch tension traditional, but with the benefits of both double drive for fine worsted yarns and scotch tension for softer woolen yarns. With ball bearings and its large drive wheel treadling is smooth and effortless and the treadling speed is easily controlled.

Wheel diamiter:     56cm (22")
Oriface:     1cm (3/8 ")
Bobbin capacity:     100gm (3-4oz)
Ratios:     7.5, 9.5, 13 (16 bobbin lead)
Weight:     8kg (17.5lb)

Included Accessories
Lazy Kate, 4 double drive bobbins, Threading hooks, Learn to spin booklet.

Available in natural or lacquered finish

"I have been using Ashford wheels for more than thirty years and still have my first Traditional. Many thanks for providing such long lasting, reliable equipment!"
- Kevin McNaughton, London, UK

"I have been spinning on Ashford wheels for 28 years--from my first day of spinning--and have a Traveller and a Traditional wheel. And in all those years I have still never seen any wheel as graceful as your original Traditional design, elegant and functional and solid. It is a pleasure to spin on it".
- Shelley Carda, Tucson, Arizona,USA

"I thought I'd share this with you for obvious reasons. Two people I know in the past three weeks have bought old Traditional wheels and after a little tlc and oil, both wheels have a momentum that you would swear was from ball bearings (which I can say they don't have). This is testament to Ashford's build and design and still makes the Traditional a valued and sought out spinning wheel by both beginners and experienced spinners. Where would we be without Ashford's?" - Philip Driscoll , UK

Product Code: DDSW or DDSWL (lacquer)
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