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Ashford  e-Spinner Super Jumbo

e-Spinner Super Jumbo

The e-Spinner Super Jumbo has a quiet but powerful 12 volt DC 2.0 amp motor with soft start and infinitely variable flyer speed of 0-500 rpm to control and manipulate the yarn. Ideal for all types of yarn: from lace to jumbo. 
Ashford Kiwi 3 Spinning wheel

Kiwi 3

Ashford's most popular and affordable spinning wheel is now better than ever.
The Kiwi 3 has folding treadles, veneered MDF wheel, three-speed whorl and a wooden threading hook!
Features include:
Ashford Maidens

Maiden Uprights

Set of 2 natural timber maiden uprights for Ashford Traditional, Traveller or Elizabeth spinning wheels 
Natural finish
Ashford Complete Weaving Kit

The COMPLETE Weaving Kit!

The Ashford Complete Weaving Kit includes everything you need to start weaving.  Ideal for those who have an interest in trying out, taking up or just dabbling in weaving.

Affordable, easy, fun and really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Ashford Wavy Shuttles

Wavy Shuttles

Create interesting and decorative patterns by beating the weft into place with our wavy shuttles. 
The shuttles have different size waves on each side and have a smooth lacquered finish. 
These shuttles are available in 3 lengths:
Ashford Handi Handles

Handi Handles

This "handi" tool is designed for weavers with limited hand mobility to assist when turning the handles to advance the warp on Ashford looms. The handi handle is simply placed over the existing nylon handle of your loom and turned gently.  
Rigid Heddle Indirect Warping Pegs

Rigid Heddle Indirect Warping Pegs

Set of 16 pegs to transform your Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom into a warping frame.
treadle for table loom

Treadles for Table Loom Stand

Add treadles to your Table Loom Stand with this handy Treadle Kit.  
Fits all sizes of 4 and 8 shaft table looms tands.
ashford Merino Sliver Colour Card

Merino Sliver Colour Card

Ashford Merino sliver colour card.  Includes all 58 colours of 22-micron Merino wool.  Perfect for all your fibre crafts. 
full colour printed
8.25" x 11.5" 
Corriedale Sliver Colour Card

Corriedale Sliver Colour Card

Ashford Corriedale sliver colour card.  Includes all 59 colours of 30-micron Corriedale wool.  Perfect for all your fibre crafts. 

full colour printed
8.25" x 11.5" 

Wooden Umbrella Swift

Ashford Wooden Umbrella Swift

Attractive wooden swift. Clamps to table and quickly adjusts to hold a wide range of skeins ready for winding on to shuttles or making into balls. Smooth and quick rotation. Holds up to 72" (1.85m) skeins.

ashford cotton yarn

Ashford Weaving Cotton Yarn

These Unmercerised cotton weaving yarns are BRIGHT, FUN and FABULOUS!!  Versatile and absorbent, this yarn is excellent for hand towels, napkins, and tea towels.
Ashford Weaving Cotton Yarn



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