Kiwi 2 Spinning Wheel

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The popular Ashford Kiwi has been updated and is now available.<--break- /> View PDF.

The Kiwi 2 features include:

  • Polyurethane hinges
  • Polyurethane conrod joints
  • Wider spaced treadle boards
  • Easy bolt and barrel nut assembly
  • Now includes Sliding Hook Flyer
  • Includes 3 x 90mm Bobbins
  • Snap fit front bearing
  • 6 Spoke wheel
  • Built in Lazy Kate
  • New Nylon universal joint

If you're learning or teaching, the Kiwi is the right wheel for you. The double treadle makes spinning more comfortable, it also makes it easier to stop and start. There are "add on" kits available that allow you to adapt the wheel to spin different types of yarn.

The wheel is made from solid Medium Density Fiberboard with a New Zealand Silver Beech frame" Wheel now supplied with ball bearings for smooth easy treadling.

An added bonus for beginners is the super low price. Contact a Canadian Ashford Dealer for pricing and availability:

  • WHEEL DIAMETER:     45cm (17.5")
  • ORIFICE:     1cm (3/8")
  • BOBBIN CAPACITY:     130gm (4-5ozs)
  • RATIOS:     5.5, 7.25:1
  • WEIGHT:     5.5kg (12lb)

How to Buy

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